OrchardsHow to Grow Orange Fruit Tree From Seeds

How to Grow Orange Fruit Tree From Seeds

How to grow homestead orange tree from seeds
using the bottle germination method will shorten the process and grow your own beautiful orange trees. Left to nature, it can take up to 15 years to grow an orange tree from seedlings. We all love fresh fruit.

How to Grow Orange Fruit Tree From Seeds

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These are the basic materials you will need to begin:

• Fresh oranges

• A glass bottle with a cork or piece of wood for a seal

• Paper towels

• Water

• Small container

• Soil (soil mixed with compost is best)

How to Grow Orange Fruit Tree From Seeds
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Begin by gathering your orange seeds. Slice the fresh oranges in half and remove the seeds by hand. You may have to squeeze the fruit to extract some of the seeds. Once you have the seeds, discard the fruit and wash the seeds with clean tap water.

Next, you will need to peel the seeds. This takes a little practice. Use a sharp blade (like a box cutter) to gently peel the seeds, placing them on a paper towel. When all the seeds are on the towel, gently mist them with water from a spray bottle. Fold the paper towel (gently roll) and mist the paper towel again. Do not overdo it. You want it to be moist but not dripping wet.

Place the paper towel in the bottle and seal the bottle and let it process for seven days.

After seven days uncap the bottle and remove the paper towel and unroll it carefully. Prepare your soil and compost mix in your container. Loosen the soil with your fingers and push the germinated seeds into the soil.

Within a few days, you will notice some green buds which will slowly grow over a period of about a month. After a month you should have some nice but small seedlings. Be careful not to over fertilize and over water the shoots.

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