GardeningHow To Grow Plants For A Medical Healing Salve Garden

How To Grow Plants For A Medical Healing Salve Garden

Homesteaders who are trying to embrace alternative medicine are learning how to grow plants for a medical healing salve garden. What is a natural remedy salve ? A salve is a medical ointment infused with different plants that have healing properties to soothe the surface of the body.

Here are just a few plants suggestions and what they can be used to cure or prevent each ailment:

Goldenseal: (antiseptic and antibiotic) heals:

    • infections,

    • minor cuts

    • scrapes,

    • chapped skin

    • skin irritation


    • minor cuts

    • scrapes

    • bruises

    • dry skin

    • deeply lubricating

    • joint and muscle pain

    • arthritis pain


    • congestion

    • bronchitis

    • asthma

    • muscle pain


    • dry chapped skin

    • sleeplessness

    • burns

    • skin repair and speeds up healing time

    • drawing salve for thorns and slivers

    • How To Grow Plants For A Medical Healing Salve Garden
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CHAMOMILE: ( anti-inflammatory and antiseptic)

  • itch relief

  • hemorrhoids

  • wounds

  • muscle relaxing

  • eczema

  • sunburn



    • itchy skin

    • bug bites

    • stings

    • chicken pox

    • measles

    • rashes

    • dry skin

CALENDULA (pot marigold):

  • skin healing

  • prevent wrinkles

  • scarring


  • pain reliever

  • muscle ache

  • joint pain

  • tension

  • headaches



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