RecipesHow To Keep A Pie Crust From Shrinking

How To Keep A Pie Crust From Shrinking

These tips and suggestions of how to keep a pie crust from shrinking will help you bake the perfect pie. There is nothing worse for person making a great pie for a family gathering, a family dinner, or even a business function – than to have pie crust shrink. When a pie crust shrinks away from the pie pan, the filling overflows and seeps. This is a baker’s worst nightmare, but luckily, there are ways around this mayhem.

In fact, there are several tips and tricks you can use to help keep your pie crust from shrinking and ruining your pie’s wonderful look. When you are considering the making of a pie, you are probably going to make the pie crust yourself rather than buy a pre-made one. They just taste so much better when they are homemade anyway.

How To Keep A Pie Crust From Shrinking

By doing this, you will benefit from these tips and tricks to make the most wonderful pie crust possible. So, where do you start when it comes to keeping the pie crust just right?

Well, you may want to consider the resting time you are giving the crust before you move from step to step, getting your pie ready for baking and eating. Dough needs time to relax, if you can imagine. By letting it rest, you’re giving it a chance to keep its future shape when you lay it out for the pie filling.

You also want to consider the types of bake ware you are using for your pie as well as the temperatures that you are baking the pie. The more your pie can grip the baking pan, the more apt it’ll be in keeping its shape. The same goes for lower cooking temperatures wherever possible. You want a lower temperature to prevent shrinkage of your pie.

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