Emergency PreparednessHow to Keep Looters Out Of Your Home After a Disaster

How to Keep Looters Out Of Your Home After a Disaster

These insightful tips of how to keep looters out of your home after a disaster will hopefully bring awareness and planning into emergency preparedness plan.

Looters are and have always been a big problem in times of crisis.This becomes more of a problem especially when a natural disaster like a earthquake, hurricane or even a man made event such as civil unrest has struck the area.

People evacuate their homes and when they eventually wander back to the area they find most of their belongings missing, broken or destroyed. The problem is so many people suffer more or equal losses from being looted as enduring a natural disaster.

This article deals with some of the most effective ways to keep looters of your property. These methods are simple and effective and can benefit the entire neighborhood.

These steps include tips from planning and developing a plan to keep the looters away to coming up with a reaction plan that will help you deal with the looters if all else fails. However these plans are not completely 100% foolproof but they will will increase your security system plan.

How to Keep Looters Out Of Your Home After a Disaster

However in extreme cases each person will have to decide to defend their home at all costs or if running away from your house is the best option. Some people have a mindset of “nothing is more important than your own life and things can always get replaced”. Many Americans are legal gun owners that have invested in the self sufficiency skill of proper training. Looters are usually armed in one form or another.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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