Pest ControlHow to Keep Stink Bugs Insects Out of the House

How to Keep Stink Bugs Insects Out of the House

How to Keep Stink Bugs Insects Out of the House can be achieved with this amazing tips and hacks. Stink bugs break into your home in huge numbers, swarming up walls and hanging upside down on the ceiling. You have to have a plan to keep them outside. Stink bugs can be an eyesore and a constant assault against your sense of smell.

How to Keep Stink Bugs Insects Out of the House - The Homestead Survival

The stink bug is a shield-shaped bug that, as the name implies, emits a foul smell when handled or injured. Besides the fact that they have very few natural predators, stink bugs are also very resistant to man-made or natural insecticides and repellents. Therefore, it is preferable to prevent it from getting into your home than to fight it once it is already inside.

Stink bugs are small enough to enter your home through the tiniest hole they can find and once it is already inside your house, it will be able to adapt to the smallest nooks, cracks and crevices to make it its home throughout the entire winter. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to repair existing holes in your window screen and make sure it is closing properly. Otherwise, replace the faulty screens. However, if you do not want to spend money on a window screen, you can opt to use a screen repair tape, which is a cheaper solution to the problem.

1. Seal your doors and windows.

2. Place protective screens over air vents

3. Patch up any holes in wall and windows

4. Rub window screens with dryer sheets

5. Collect the bugs on a damp towel and place them outside

6. Kill a few bugs outside

7. Control your weeds

8. Attract stink bug predators such as Mice, daddy long leg spider, spiders, ground beetles, praying mantises, wheel bugs, wrens, bluebirds and cardinals birds.

You can also seal the doors and windows to help eliminate entry points using a seal or door jam. Furthermore, you can also opt to caulk your doors because it will not only help you prevent the invasion of stink bugs, it will also help you winterize your home, thus saving you from an expensive wintertime heating bill. Lastly, be careful of bringing sweaters, blankets and sweatshirts indoors because, believe it or not, stink bugs love to crawl into it.

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