HomesteadingHow to Live Below Your Means

How to Live Below Your Means

These simple tips of how to live below your means can help your family to embrace a frugal lifestyle.

Many people dream of being one hundred percent completely debt free and honestly that is only possible if you live below your means. In a world plastered with advertising of fast cars, expensive clothing wardrobes and lavish vacations that all promise you happiness – people are racing to spend more than they earn. They are trying to sell you their PRODUCT. It is a road to disaster, endless cycle of debt and overwhelming stress. A lot of families are living 2 paychecks (possibly less) away from serious consequences, without emergency funds and very little food storage. Advertising has seduced mainstream Americans into retail emotional therapy – buy things to feel better about yourself.

The great thing about people who are interested into homesteading is that they are looking at the world in a different way. They see the value in the old fashioned ways and skills, getting back to the basics and doing more with less.

How to Live Below Your Means
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My great grandmother used to tell  stories about growing up in the Great Depression and the following years after. The habits of doing with less during that time were deeply ingrained  in her until the day she passed. My great grandmother tried her hardest to impart her wisdom into me, sometimes it seemed a bit harsh. She said “You aren’t entitled to it, you don’t deserve it and you sure don’t need it. Companies need to sell their products to you to get your hard earned cash for themselves. Keep your hard earned cash for a peace of mind that in an emergency you will have choices to take care of yourself instead of depending of your family, your church or the government for your basic needs.”


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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