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How to Maintain Your Barn

If the rural farm life is for you, then having your own horses and barn will likely be apart of that lifestyle. After all, if you want to own horses, then barn maintenance is key for their health and happiness. 

Taking the right steps to maintain your horse barn is key for preventing accidents, fires, and provides pest control. Since it also has a positive impact on the wellbeing of your horses, it can also save you money on veterinary bills.

Following the right advice and making routine habits for carrying out barn maintenance is key. This article discusses some of the best practices!

1. Everything Has a Home: Put Things Away

Have a place for everything you own. Saddles and horse rugs are big investments. You can find some of the best horse rugs online, but both need to be stored well to keep your horses happy during rides. It’s important they have their own storage space, so they are kept clean and in good condition. 

In general, a big part of keeping things put away is having the right storage solutions. When everything has a home, it’s much easier to stay on top of and keep your barn tidy. 

This aspect of barn maintenance doesn’t take long. When you are done using something, make a habit of putting it away straight away rather than leaving things around. When this doesn’t happen, you end up in more mess, not knowing where anything is.  

2. Clean Away Horse Stalls Daily

Part of owning any animal is cleaning up after them. When we walk dogs, and they go to the toilet we clean up after them straight away. Not only is it respect for their hygiene but doing regular ‘toilet cleans’ so to speak will keep fly population down too. Especially if you live in warmer climates. It’s advised to do this daily to maintain a clean and tidy barn.  

3. Sweep & Rake Every Day

This is another important daily task for maintaining a clean and tidy barn. It helps the place look great and keeps dust levels down too. You can invest in the sturdier brooms for this job. As you can imagine, a lot of mess easily builds up when you own horses. 

4. Clean as You Go

A generic piece of advice but an important one. It goes for the maintenance of any space you own. It’s important to clean as you go. When opening something new, throw away the rubbish. Mae sure you enough bins dotted about for easy rubbish disposal and organise for these to be emptied regularly. Cleaning your barn as you go will help keep things tidy and clean and avoid the need for the big more intense cleans. 

5. Invest in Proper Hay and Horse Feed Storage

This is a key part of organising your barn and keeping on top of maintenance. Horse feed and hay can go rotten if it’s stored incorrectly. Not forgetting that open feed storage can be quite appealing for your bolder horses who like to help themselves. While horses shouldn’t have unlimited access to grains, they do need regular access to hay and grass to stay healthy. 

It’s not difficult to look after your barn, nor does it take a lot of time if you keep on top of it all regularly. After a while, these chores become habit.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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