How To Make A Cheap And Easy Camp Shower And Stall

Ehow and 2 Brothers Adventures

Great tutorials that will show you how to build a shower stall and shower for showering at camp. The shower stall is made from pvc pipe and tarps and you can make it with a base that you can sit brinks or rocks on to hold it in place or you can build it to hang from a tree. This tutorial is from Ehow. Then we have a video from 2 Brothers Adventures that shows how to make a shower from a five gallon bucket. I like that they put a bull valve in the line so that you can turn the water on to get wet and then off while you soap up or shampoo your hair then back on to rinse so you don’t run out of water. It is also nice that you can heat water over your camp stove or camp fire to add to cold in the bucket and have a warm shower instead of a cold one or as stated in the video waiting all day long for one of those solar shower bags full of water to be heated by the sun.

Ehow and 2 Brothers Adventures
Ehow and 2 Brothers Adventures


Shower stall tutorial>>>>


5 Gallon Shower video

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