Build ItHow To Make A Cloche ( Mini Greenhouse) For Seeds DIY Project

How To Make A Cloche ( Mini Greenhouse) For Seeds DIY Project

Hey, gardening enthusiasts! Are you looking for the perfect way to protect your precious plants from pests and harsh weather conditions? Well, you’re in luck! The team at BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine has put together an incredible guide on the best garden cloches and tunnels for 2023, and we’re super excited to share it with you! Their article is a treasure trove of information, and we’re here to expand on it even further. So, let’s dive in!

Why Garden Cloches are a Must-Have

Garden cloches serve as low enclosures that offer a range of protections for your plants. They:

  • Shield plants from harsh weather conditions like frost and wind
  • Create a warm microclimate for germinating seedlings
  • Protect against various pests

Types of Garden Cloches

The original article does a fantastic job of breaking down the types of garden cloches available. However, let’s expand on this a bit:

Bell Cloches

  • Material: Usually made from glass but also available in plastic
  • Shape: Simple bell shape ideal for covering individual plants
  • Additional Features: Some have built-in vents for air circulation

Tunnel Cloches

  • Material: Can be made from mesh, netting, glass, or plastic
  • Shape: Extended rectangular covers or curved, tube-like constructions
  • Additional Features: May feature wire hoops or more solid, metal frames with removable panes

Pop-Up Cloches

  • Material: Sheets of mesh or plastic
  • Shape: Can be vertical, tunnel style, or dome-shaped
  • Additional Features: Some are designed to “pop up” to cover taller plants

What to Look for When Purchasing

  • Size and Shape: Consider the area you need to cover
  • Material: Glass or plastic for insulation, mesh or open frames for pest protection
  • Additional Features: Look for built-in vents, removable panes, or wire hoops for added functionality

Top Picks from Gardeners’ World Magazine

The original article provides a list of 12 top picks, but we’ll highlight a few here:

  • Pop Up Garden Cloche: No assembly required and features a roll-up door for air circulation. Priced at £19.99.
  • Garden Grow Cloche: Requires some assembly but is spacious enough for taller plants. Priced at £34.99.
  • Square Victorian Cloche: Features a steel frame and solid glass panes for robustness. Priced at £159.99.

Additional Recommendations

While the original article is comprehensive, it doesn’t delve into some specialized types of cloches. Here are some additional recommendations:

  • Solar-Powered Cloches: These come with built-in solar panels to provide extra warmth during the colder months.
  • Smart Cloches: Equipped with sensors that can be connected to your smartphone to monitor temperature and humidity levels.
  • Decorative Cloches: These are designed not just for functionality but also to add aesthetic value to your garden.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right garden cloche can make a significant difference in your gardening experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newbie, there’s a cloche out there for you. For more detailed information, be sure to check out the original article by BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. Happy gardening!


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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