DIY ProjectsHow to Make a Forge from a BBQ Grill

How to Make a Forge from a BBQ Grill

This step by step tutorial of how to make a forge from an old BBQ grill is a great way to use what you already have to create a piece of equipment you need.

This tutorial teaches how to make a forge from a BBQ. For beginner metal workers or for those who just like to try new things, this is a perfect, inexpensive way to create a forge, all while using an old BBQ bowl.

By following the pictures and instructions of this guide, you’ll soon have your very own forge!

Of course, before doing anything that involves fire or hot metal, you need to be sure you’re safe and being completely careful. You’ll want to work in a clear space and wear safety gear, like a leather apron. You’ll also want to protect your face and hands, with googles and gloves. Wear sturdy shoes. And, always have a bucket of sand nearby, just in case the fire needs to be put out rapidly.

While this forge doesn’t require many material to make, but it does require a certain understanding of working with metal.

For this guide, you’ll need the follow materials:

– Old Steel BBQ Bowl
– Brass Elbow
– Copper Pipe
– Compression Joint
– EverBuild Fire Cement    (Buy Here)
– Impact Drill                      (Buy Here)
– Adjustable Wrench         (Buy Here)
– Center Punch
– Varying Sized Drill Heads
– Air Bed Pump                 (Buy Here)

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How to Make a Forge from a BBQ Grill

So many tutorials out there today are about making DIY BBQs. Which is great! Everyone needs a good BBQ. But what can you do with your old BBQs? Are they useful for anything? If you’ve always wondered, this guide will give you a very clear answer.

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