How To Make a Healing Plantain Salve


Is plantain a banana or a weed?  This is the most common confusion when it comes to plantain. Plantain is probably the most useful “weed” that you can ever have in your backyard.

According to Heather Dessinger, if there is one plant in the wild that you should know, it should be none other than plantain. Don’t confuse plantain with banana because plantain is a weed with a broad leaf. Plantain grows and thrives in many parts of the world and it loves packed dirt.

If your property has a dirt driveway or if you love going on hikes on hard-packed trails, you have surely seen plantain along the way. It is a good thing that plantain lives everywhere as it lets you use this for almost everything and anything you can think of.

Plantain is often referred to as the band aid plant since this contains iridoids. This means that this has a very soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. This also contains aucubigenin and aglycone that have been documented for their antimicrobial activity. It also contains allantoin that can support skin healing.

This plant is regarded to be useful for many purposes, including spider bites, wasp or bee stings, bites of mosquito and other bugs, eczema, sumac, poison oak, or poison ivy, sunburn, psoriasis, and diaper rash.
Rootsy shares a simple recipe on how you can prepare your own plantain salve that offers healing wonders.