CraftsHow To Make A Leather Bushcraft Hat Project

How To Make A Leather Bushcraft Hat Project

This step by step tutorial of how to make a leather bushcraft hat project is a highly practical hobby for the modern homesteader or prepper. But while many leather projects look intimidating or complex, most require the same basic skills and a smidge of patience.

How To Make A Leather Bushcraft Hat Project

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Take the Bushcraft hat for example. This iconic standard of the outdoorsman looks like it takes years of apprenticeship to create, but all that’s really required are elementary leatherworking skills and a few hours of your time. Read on to learn how to craft your very own.

Tips on Making your Leather Bushcraft Hat

• Select the right pattern. When choosing your pattern, look for reviews or pictures of other user’s completed projects to get an idea of the pattern’s quality.

• Gather your materials first. This includes all the tools you’ll need (awl, knife, rake hole punch, sandpaper, and skiver), as well as your leather (2-3oz, usually about 30” x 18”, depending on size), dye, glue, polish, and gloves.

• Review your pattern and all instructions carefully. One thing to keep in mind when working with leather is that it’s difficult to fix a cut or hole made in the wrong place. Measure at least twice before you cut.

• Patience is the most important thing when completing a leather project. Even if the tutorial only requires an hour or so, you just can’t rush the individual steps of a new project and expect a quality result. Efficiency is always a good thing, but consider your shortcuts very carefully before you make them.

With the right materials, some basic knowledge, and a bit of patience, you can create a wearable work of art in under a day!

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