CraftsHow To Make A Matchstick Star Wall Art

How To Make A Matchstick Star Wall Art

This step by step tutorial of How To Make A Matchstick Star Wall Art is a great way to help homesteading children create a treasured keepsake.   Reusing those wooden matchsticks that you use to light your wood stove each morning  suddenly becomes a craft supply.

How many of you can remember making these as a child ?  My grandmother proudly displayed my  brunt matchstick cross for over 19 years on her hallway wall.

Directions of how to make the star:

  • 1. Draw or print a star template on a blank piece of paper

  • 2. Trace the pattern on cardboard and cut the shape

  • 3. Draw the lines emerging from its center to all the six inward pointed edges.

  • 4. Collect all those brunt wooden matches into one pile.

  • 5. Starting from the center glue 6 matchsticks forming a star-burst like pattern.

  • 6. Then fill each sector with burnt matchsticks and cut the matchsticks for length adjustments if necessary.

  • 7. Lay flat and allow to dry. Flip over and glue a a pop can tab to the back and allow to completely dry.

How To Make A Matchstick Star Wall Art

Such a unique piece of art will strike up conversations once people get close enough to tell that it’s made of burnt matches.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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