Primitive SkillsHow to Make a Primitive Skill Survival Water Container

How to Make a Primitive Skill Survival Water Container

This step by step tutorial of How to Make a Primitive Skill Survival Water Container is a bit of survival knowledge that could save your life one day but you hope you never do. The information below highlights how to find water and make it safe to drink so you can fill your survival water container.

Water is a necessity for survival

When it comes to surviving in the wilderness there are three things that are extremely important and that are essential in order to preserve life; shelter, food and water. This article is going to focus on the importance of finding a source of drinkable water within the first 3 days.

How to Make a Primitive Skill Survival Water Container

Methods used to find water

If you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar place without water and not sure where to look for it, there are several methods that have been used successfully to find this lifesaving liquid. Being able to recognize and use these methods could just save your life.

Follow the Animals

Animals large and small share the need for water with humans. This means you can actually use the indigenous animals and even insects in order to locate a source of drinking water. You might be surprised that you can find drinkable water hiding in the most unlikely places.

From Vegetation

Plants, just like humans are made up largely of water and have reservoirs within them. While it might be just a few small drops, that can be the difference between life and death. However, you need to be careful when it comes to plants, some of them contain dangerous substances that can be harmful.

How to make water drinkable?

If you are fortunate to be able to find a source of water where you are located, chances are it may not be ready to drink. Stagnant pools of water can contain contaminants that can be potentially fatal if consumed even in small quantities. In order to be able drink this water, you will need remove these contaminants. The best two methods would be to boil the water and filtering through a coarse material.


For purifying water for drinking, you must have a fire hot enough to heat the water inside of a container. According to health department guidelines, you must bring the water to a roiling boil continuously for at least one minute. This will kill parasites and bacteria that are lurking inside the water. Note: If you find yourself at an elevation of a mile or more, you will need to boil it for an additional 2 minutes.


Filtering of contaminated water is one of the most common methods used all over the world. Chances are if you are stranded in the wilderness you don’t have a fancy water filter with you, the next best thing is to pour the water through a piece of cloth which has a tight weave, such as felt or a thick twill. This will help trap the contaminants and make the water drinkable.

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