DIY ProjectsHow to Make an Emergency Tin Can Lantern

How to Make an Emergency Tin Can Lantern

This simple step by step tutorial of how to make an emergency tin can lantern is a frugal re purposing lighting option when many other options are not available.

Have you ever noticed how dark it can get when you’re out in the country or in a poorly lit area of town? It can so dark that it’s downright spooky. You’re wishing for something to help you see better as you continue on your way through the darkness, but you left your flashlight on the counter at home.

How to Make an Emergency Tin Can Lantern

What can you do, but continue to bumble in the darkness in the hopes you make your way home safe and sound. What if there was a fun yet functional way to have that light in the dark? What if you had most of the supplies you’d need in your very own car, home or emergency backpack?

Well, it’s entirely possible since most of us use canned goods in our daily lives. Instead of tossing that can in the trash, you might want to clean it out thoroughly and build yourself your very own tin can lantern.

Intrigued yet? You should be. These cute yet functional lanterns harken back to a bygone era as they illuminate the area around you. The great thing is that you just need the can you’ve saved from the trash or recycle bin along with some other supplies to make this cantern for yourself or your children to play outside in the night. Just grab your hammer, a box cutter, a wire hanger, a nail, and some oil and wicking. With just those few materials, you’re all set to make your own lantern.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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