DIY ProjectsHow to Make Bamboo Rain Gutters DIY Project

How to Make Bamboo Rain Gutters DIY Project

How to Make Bamboo Rain Gutters DIY Project is detailed in a step by step tutorial. A great feature of bamboo is that it is water resistant, which makes it a better choice for rain gutters that other woods can deteriorate when any kind of moisture gets in contact.
How to Make Bamboo Rain Gutters DIY Project

Bamboo-built rain gutters have become an eco-friendly alternative to having the usual metallic gutter. Some have to buy and ship them to where they live, while others can get it because it’s right besides them. Using bamboo makes it cheaper and more attractive, but has the downside of being less sturdy than traditional gutters. On the upside, they are perfect to take in rainwater from the roof and reuse it to water down plants and vegetables in the yards. The rainwater is captured and harvested when the gutters flow through a drain attached to a pipe, which is attached itself to a tank.

A regular bamboo-made gutter for a roof is made out of a large split with all nodes detached. This is attached by extended wooden sections attached to the beams and in the higher ends to lay down the cut bamboo. The gutter’s size is based on the roof’s incline and slope, while the drain’s length is relative to the roof’s area and gutter’s width. The bamboo gutter’s depth should be half of the gutter’s width. If the gutter is 14 centimeters wide, then the depth should be 7 cm. The diameter of the drain should be proportional to the amount of water collected in the gutter. If not, there will be flooding because the drain is too small.

In terms of construction, there’s a plenty of nailing, sawing, tying, and measuring based on the house. But, the overall result is a beautiful and natural element to irrigation for the home.

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