RecipesHow to Make Buckboard Bacon on the Homestead

How to Make Buckboard Bacon on the Homestead

How to make buckboard bacon on the homestead.

How to Make Buckboard Bacon on the Homestead

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Sometimes some of these old fashioned favorite breakfast meat sides are delicious than we ever could imagine. Making your own Buckboard bacon is far cheaper and easier and even tastier because it will be made to your with your choices of spices.

The full details is in the article you are about to read. You have to order some Bacon Cure or make your own homemade bacon spice mix. You can get your Pork Butt from either Costco, Cash and Carry or your local butcher, if you are not lucky enough to raise pigs on your homestead.

You need a non-metallic container since Bacon Cure has a way of reacting with metal and this can jeopardize the taste of your bacon.

You need some measuring cups for accurate measurement. Precision and accuracy are both very important in the making of your Buckboard Bacon. Inadequate Bacon Cure can ruin all your efforts.

Homemade Bacon Cure for a 5 pound Pork Belly:

½ cup of salt

½ cup of brown sugar

1 TBS of black pepper

1 tsp of TSM Insta Cure (Prague Powder) (Use the exact amount listed)

Refrigerate for 8 – 9 days.

180-watt Food Slicer with 8.7-Inch Blade (Buy Here)

The very first step is to wash your hand thoroughly. Your Pork Butt has to be de-boned. You can either buy it like that or remove the bones by yourself. Follow instructions in measuring the Bacon Cure. The quantity of Cure needed is highly depended on the quantity of meat available.

Rub the Cure evenly on all sides of the meat. Make sure the Cure is evenly distributed. Then you need to cover the pork and place it in your refrigerator. After about 4 days you can flip it to the other side and let it wait for another 4 days. You can read the article for full details but don’t forget to share it immediately after reading it.

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