GardeningHow To Make Gardening Seed Balls

How To Make Gardening Seed Balls

This step by step tutorial of how to make gardening seed balls are great homemade gifts for the homesteaders or gardener who loves to grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables! They are hand rolled with red clay which protects the seeds from birds while sprouting after being watered. You can throw them, toss them, crush them, or leave them.

If you have never heard of seed balls, then you are missing out on a little gardening trick. Perhaps you are looking for something to give as a gift for a special gardener in your life but you cannot think of what to do. Well, making seed balls with some of their favorite seeds are a great homemade gift to give. You can use a variety of different seeds and give a bouquet of sorts to them that they can grow on their own later on.

Seeds in general will be pretty responsive to being in seed balls. If you are worried about a certain seed that will not do well, you shouldn’t. They have been used for centuries as a way of planting seeds without disturbing the dirt on your land. You can simply toss them into the garden and they will plant themselves. And it doesn’t hurt that they are very easy to make as well. All you need is clay, soil, and seeds.

If you want to make some seed balls for a gift, you will need to pick out what seeds you want to use, whether they are flower seeds, vegetable seeds, or fruit seeds. Then you need to get some red clay and some compost. These three items will be the foundation of you seed balls.

To start out you will need to remember that your recipe will be five parts dry red clay, three parts dry compost, and one part seed. Then of course you will need some water to bind it all together. To begin with, measure everything out and mix the clay and compost together. Then add the seeds into the mixture. Then you can add your water. Start with one parts water and if you need more, add a bit. You don’t want the mix to be incredibly wet, but enough that you can make a firm ball. Then you can form them into balls and lay them on a flat surface to dry for a few days. When they have dried, you can wrap them up in a paper bag and send them on to their new owner as a lovely gift.

Seed balls are a wonderful way of giving someone who loves to garden a personal gift. And if they do not know what seeds are inside, they will be able to experience a wonderful surprise when they start to grow. This is a cheap, practical, and thoughtful gift to give to someone special.

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How To Make Gardening Seed Balls
How To Make Gardening Seed Balls

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How To Make Gardening Seed Balls

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