DIY ProjectsHow to Make Homemade Sawdust Fire Logs

How to Make Homemade Sawdust Fire Logs

This step by step tutorial of how to make homemade sawdust fire logs can be reworked into a heating source for wood stoves, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces. Warm temperatures days are a perfect time to create this project because it will help dry out the pressed sawdust bricks more quickly.

The main thing you is you will have to compress the sawdust inside of a bucket or any other object, the shape doesn’t matter, it can be a cuboid, cylinder or any other, cuboid being the most common. Then by applying the pressure you give it shape, but of course, after you take out the sawdust it would crumble away so you have to add something that would make it remain as is it. Our ‘glue’ can come from simple newspaper, of course, you would have to cut the paper into smaller pieces and add them, other than that you would need to add some water. It would be perfect if you had some wood ash lying around, applying some of it to the mixture would make the final product sturdier. What you get as the final product is called “Sawdust Fire Log”, it is exactly as it sounds like, a fire log made out of sawdust.

Why would one want to go through the trouble of this whole process? Simple, these fire logs are designed to be inexpensive, making them cost efficient, easy to ignite and they burn longer, some are able to burn up to two hours, storing them and stacking them up on one another is easy due to their shape. You will be all set into making them yourselves, except you need a press machine, but why do you need a press machine? Simple, giving the mixture shape is easy, but a good press machine will make the whole process of making the fire log dry a lot faster, by squeezing the water out. Leaving it out in the Sun when it is nice and warm outside can speed up the drying process as well.

In the past, people had no idea about what to do with sawdust created from wood working projects. They have been throwing away a valuable resource that can be re purposed into a heating fuel. What if I told you that sawdust can be rather useful?

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How to Make Homemade Sawdust Fire Logs
How to Make Homemade Sawdust Fire Logs

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