CraftsHow To Make Kool Aid Squeezable Snow Paint

How To Make Kool Aid Squeezable Snow Paint

This easy method for How To Make Kool Aid Squeezable Snow Paint is a fun outdoor activity for children after a blanket of snow has fallen upon the earth. A plastic squeeze condiment bottle, kool aid packets and water is all that is needed to create this fun snow paint.

Bundle up those precious children and set out an array of color filled squeeze bottles so they can draw on the white canvas that is your yard. Create a great family memory by joining in with the fun.

After they are done, they can look through a glass window at their artwork.

growing a jeweled rose
growing a jeweled rose

Here is a guide of how to make a wide range of snow paint colors:

  • Pink – 1 Packet Pink Lemonade

  • Red – 2 packets Cherry

  • Maroon – 2 packets Cherry – 1 Packet Blue Berry

  • Orange – 1 Packet Orange

  • Dark Orange – 1 Packet Orange – 1 Packet Cherry

  • Yellow – 2 Packets Lemonade

  • Dark Yellow – 2 Packets Lemonade – 1 Packet Orange

  • Green – 1 Packet Lemon Lime – 1 Packet Blue Berry

  • Lime Green – 1 Packet Lemon Lime

  • Blue – 2 Packets Blue Berry – 1 Packet Grape

  • Sky Blue – 1 Packet Blue Berry

  • Purple – 2 Packets Grape

  • Lilac – 1 Packet grape

  • Brown – 2 Packets Lemonade – 1 Packet Grape – 1 Packet Orange

  • Dark Brown – 1 Packet Lemonade – 1 Packet Grape – 1 Packet Orange

If the snow falls again, they can create a new piece of artwork. Take pictures for the family album because children are only small for a short time.


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