BeveragesHow To Make Limoncello, Regular And Creamy Version

How To Make Limoncello, Regular And Creamy Version

            Learn how to make the delicious after dinner drink Limoncello. You can make either the regular or the creamy version of this fruit infused alcohol. It is a simple beverage to make and can be made in just a couple of weeks. The recipe calls for lemons, everclear, sugar and water or milk for the creamy version. This is a nice after dinner drink and is a favorite of a lot of people who like its citrusy flavor. If you like it a little less strong in lemon make the creamy version and enjoy the milder lemon tempered with the dairy. The limoncello is kept refrigerated and the creamy version is good super cold from the freezer. Cooking With Rosetta shares the recipe for making both of these versions of limoncello.


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