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How To Make Liquid Soap From Bar Soaps

If you hate a mushy squishy bar of soap sitting on your sink or tub here is a way to take your bars of soap and turn them into liquid soap. You can even add essential oils to make your favorite scent of soap, and if you put it into a foaming pump you can have foaming soap. I solved my melting soap problem a few years ago when I discovered these Waterfall soap dishes, they are perfect because the water from the soap runs down the spout into the sink so not only does the soap have a chance to dry between uses but all the soapy drips go right down the drain and not all over where ever the soap is sitting.


For folks that just prefer liquid soap Savvy Housekeeping tells you how to turn less expensive bar soaps into liquid soap saving some money on soap while giving you the liquid soap that you prefer. She says. ”  From one bar of soap, I made close to 2 liters of hand soap, which will last a long time.”  That is a lot of soap all from one bar. The only ingredients needed are a bar of soap, water, some glycerin and any essential oils you may want to add. When you make your liquid soap you need to use a bar of soap that is mainly soap. You can’t really make it with moisturizing bars because they don’t contain enough actual soap but as long as it is mainly soap it should work fine.


See the instructions>>>>>   How To Make Liquid Soap From Bar Soaps

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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