Natural Beauty RecipesHow to Make Natural Essential Oil Perfume

How to Make Natural Essential Oil Perfume

This tutorial gives clear and easy to understand instructions on how to make natural an essential oil perfume that you can roll on to your skin. Not only will you be able to tweak and adjust this recipe to make a perfume that is purely and uniquely you, but you’ll also be able to brag that this perfume has no toxic or harmful chemicals. And, the best part, it’s a lot cheaper than anything you can buy in stores.

Another great point about this guide is that the perfume comes in an amazing roll-on bottle, which the tutorial tells you where to purchase, so you can rub it on whenever you want. It lets out just enough of the perfume so that it can be smelled, but it doesn’t overwhelm anyone.

For this tutorial, you will need the following ingredients:

– Roll-on Bottle   (Buy Here)
– Carrier Oil         (Buy Here)
– Essential Oil     (Buy Here)

That’s it! In no time, you’ll have your very own, one of a kind, essential oil perfume! Have fun!

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How to Make Natural Essential Oil Perfume

The idea of having a customized perfume has always been an attractive idea. Most people believe that having such a thing is either impossible or way too expensive to be worth the cost. But, if you really want your own personalized perfume, one that smells fruity and fun, but is also one of a kind, then you’ll love this tutorial.

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