How to Make Pickled Okra That has Crunch


Okra’s health benefits include its ability to manage diabetes, improve digestive health, increase levels of endurance, and reduce fatigue. Moreover, it helps reduce stress levels and lowers triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body.

If you don’t know what okra is, it’s a flowering plant known in various parts of the globe as bhindi or ladies fingers, which is highly prize due to its seed pods. While it’s still not clear where it originated, research says that it might be a native of Ethiopian, West African, and South Asian.

Okra might not be the most conventional vegetable in your garden. However, it comes with rich content of minerals and vitamins, which include vitamins K, E, C, and A as well as B vitamins. It also contains zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. In addition to that, it has high level of nutritious fiber, which is called okra slime. Many health benefits of okra are because of the presence of organic compounds, minerals, and vitamins found in it.

If you have grown okra successfully and you don’t know how to use these vegetables after harvesting them. I would have worried that being okra it would turn out slimy when pickled but this one doesn’t and it has a nice crunch to it.  You can follow the recipe of Elise Bauer on Simply Recipes,  and make pickled okra. With pickled okra, you will not only avoid wasting the okra you harvested, but also you’ll be able to preserve something that is healthy and nutritious.