RecipesHow To Make Pickled Spicy Snap Peas

How To Make Pickled Spicy Snap Peas

Make your own pickled spicy snap peas that are lacto-fermented so you get all those good probiotics that are so good for out gut flora. Lacto-fermented foods are pickled by using salt and then letting them sort of stew in their own juiced until they are pickled instead of using vinegar.


Attainable Sustainable shares the instructions and recipe for making these pickled spicy snap peas. She says you can add the herbs of your choice to the jar and offers suggestions, so you can add a hint of your favorite herb to these snap peas. Also that it is easier to fill the jar with the peas by holding it horizontally  and kind of laying the peas in the jar so you can stack them and really get the jar full.

I think this would be good for green beans too. I think pickled spicy snap peas or green beans would make a super delicious summer snack, straight from the fridge. they would be all pickled and spicy and cold with a nice crunch. Perfect for those hot summer days ahead.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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