SeedsHow to Make Seed Planting Gardening Tape

How to Make Seed Planting Gardening Tape

This step by step tutorial of how to make seed planting gardening tape is a simple frugal method make it easy to plant straight rows of perfectly spaced seeds. Simply unroll in a dirt garden furrow and cover with soil to get a high germination (growing) rate.

This article provides you details about how to make gardening seed tape. Seed tape is basically a strip of paper with seeds implanted for accurate placement of seeds. As it’s knotty to space tiny seeds, such as carrots, in the garden, farmers use seed tapes to keep them apart. It’s a blessing especially for gardening perfectionists, who desire to see a neat, clean and perfectly-spaced garden. You can easily find it at many nurseries and farmer’s markets, but you are not likely to get the desired variety. Apart from that, seed tapes are a bit expensive. Home-based farmers who like to do farming on a strict budget may not like them. But here is a good news. You can make seed tapes at home all by yourself. With a little effort and creativity, you can easily create a seed tape of your choice and save your money.

How to make a seed tape?

For making perfect seed tapes, you will need the following items:

  • 1. Flour

  • 2. Water

  • 3. Scissors

  • 4. Toilet paper – double ply would be best (paper towels or white party streamers can also be used)

  • 5. Ruler

  • 6. Pencil

  • 7. Small paintbrush

  • 8. Seeds

  • 9. Small bowl

  • 10. Plate


  • Tweezers

  • Airtight bag or container

How to Make Seed Planting Gardening Tape
How to Make Seed Planting Gardening Tape

Steps to Follow:

1. Mix the flour and water in a bowl, until a thick paste is formed. Make sure the mixture is consistent like white craft glue or a thick syrup, as you have to place it on the end of a brush or pencil. So, it should not be runny or dripping.

2. Measure the length of the toilet paper you need and cut it in half. As the toilet paper is already twice the width you need, so cutting it in half right at the center will make it in 2 tapes already measured.

3. With the help of a pencil and ruler, draw marks on the paper as per the spacing recommendations on the seed packet.

4. Bring out the seeds from the packet in clean plate and spread them apart so that you can easily pick them up.

5. Now put small drops or dollops of paste at the toilet paper strip, on the marks you have made, with the help of a small paint brush.

6. Put one or two seeds on each drop, in such a way that they stick to it, using a pair of tweezers.

7. Fold the other half of the toilet paper over, on top of the seeds. This will seal the seeds inside your seed tape until they’re in the ground and ready to germinate. The paste will also keep the paper sealed.

8. Once the tape is dry, jot down the name of plant and variety on it.

Here you go. Your seed tape is all set to go in the ground. If it’s not the planting season, you’ll need to store it in an airtight container, in a cool and dry place. Roll the toilet paper like a coil or wrap it around the empty toilet paper roll.

If you plan to plant the seed tape right away, prepare the ground as per routine and lay the tape down. Put suitable amount of soil on it and water it regularly. As the seeds germinate, the toilet paper will dissolve over time without doing any harm to the environment.

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