RecipesHow To Make Skillet Jam For The Fridge - Freezer Or Canner

How To Make Skillet Jam For The Fridge – Freezer Or Canner

When all the fresh fruit hits the stores, farmer’s markets and road side stands it is hard to pass up the bargains while the fruit is ripe. There are always great deals to be had because fresh fruit just doesn’t keep long. If you are like me then you always end up with more fruit that what is being eaten and I refuse to throw that delicious summer sweetness away so I am always on the look out for ways to use over ripe fruit.

Like bananas, do you throw them away when they get over ripe? I don’t I peel them and add then to the gallon size freezer bag of over ripe bananas in my freezer. Then when I am in the mood or the bag gets full I pull it out and make banana bread. Sometimes as many as 6 loaves.

It freezes well wrapped in foil and stored in a freezer bag. Plus its really nice to be able to pull a loaf out of the freezer when everyone wants something sweet and you don’t have much else sweet n the house. That is why I am really happy to have found this recipe for skillet jam, it is perfect for the over ripe fruit we may have sitting in the fruit bowl or the fruit drawer of the fridge, even if it doesn’t looks so delicious anymore you can cut off the bruises and bad spots on a peach or plum and still use the rest of it. Or the strawberries that are quickly molding, clean the bad off and throw the rest into the skillet for your jam.

How To Make Skillet Jam For The Fridge - Freezer Or Canner

Food In Jars shares her recipe for making the skillet jam with stone fruit and adds honey instead of sugar, a little lemon juice and she added some lemon verbena leaves.

She says that once the jam is done you can keep in it the fridge for a couple of weeks before it will start to mold or you can freeze it or part and put part in the fridge and you could also water bath can it for the pantry shelf. What ever way you decide to preserve it this is a great way to use the fruits we wait all winter for.

If you freeze or can it you can have the jam in the winter when you are really wanting the fresh fruit and reap the pleasure of that ripe fruit goodness. Since there is no water added and honey is used instead of sugar the jam should taste like fresh sweet ripe fruit. When you are slathering those biscuits or English muffins come winter you will be so glad you took a few minutes to save all that fruit.

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