RecipesHow To Make Sourdough Tortillas

How To Make Sourdough Tortillas

Learn how to make sourdough tortillas and you will be able to make tortillas when ever you need some. The bonus is that these tortillas will have the sourdough which is a cultured food that is  so good for us.  Once you have a sourdough starter you can keep it in the fridge and just feed it some new flour when it is needed.

I will add a video from Steve The Bread Guy at the bottom of the post. The video will show you how to make your own sourdough starter that you can use for tortillas and to make your own sourdough bread. Making bread with sourdough began many years ago and this is how folks got their breads to rise before there was yeast that could be bought. There are a couple of different recipes for making a sourdough starter out there and they vary in ingredients.

How To Make Sourdough Tortillas

Some use only water, salt and flour, others use milk instead of water and some use water from boiled potatoes to make their starter with. The water from potatoes is the method Steve uses in the video. Once you have your sourdough starter Reformation Acres shares her recipe for making the sourdough tortillas. She has tried many recipes and made changes along the way to suit her family and says this recipe is the end result and perfect. While she was testing she used various fats in different amounts and in this recipe she uses half lard and half butter.

I have only ever made tortillas with oil so I am going to try this recipe. I think any thing cooked with lard is better tasting and well what can you say about butter besides that it is delicious so mixed in this tortilla recipe should make for one delicious batch of sourdough tortillas.


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