Curing MeatsHow To Make South African Biltong

How To Make South African Biltong

This tutorial will show you haw to make traditional South Africa Biltong which is a type of cured and air dried meat. When we make beef jerky we cut the strips of meat and then add our flavorings and then dry the strips in an oven or dehydrator. Some people also just hang the strips to dry. Making Biltong is a similar way to preserve meat with the difference of being done in a thicker cut of meat instead of strips. Very lean beef is seasoned and marinated and then it is placed in front of a fan on a rack in this video although in South Africa it would be hung outdoors to dry. Once dried it is much like Bresaola. It is a dried beef that you shave thin slices off to eat.


Preserving meats this way has been done for a long time and actually was done before refrigeration to avoid the meat spoiling. This drying and salting of meats to cure them is called Charcuterie and you can do it to other lean meats as well, here are some recipes for making bresaola and other cured meats from venison, Four Incredibly Edible Venison Charcuterie Recipes. If you have venison on hand instead of beef you can preserve it. For this Biltong recipe beef is used and Survival News Online shares the instructions for making it, and then shows how in a video.


See instructions>>>>>   How To Make South African Biltong


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