GardeningHow to Make the Most of Your Backyard

How to Make the Most of Your Backyard

Many people often underutilize their backyard space, sometimes overlooking the potential it may have due to its awkward shape, or maybe because the area is considered too small. However, there are numerous tricks and hacks you can apply to create a beautiful and usable space. 

Read on for our quick guide on How to Make the Most of Your Backyard.

Create Multiple Levels

Pushed for space? Then install multiple levels to create an illusion of space. Adding raised platforms and steps which take you from one place to the next can really make your backyard feel and look bigger, even though in reality, you’re still working within those four same walls (or fences…)

Creating more than one level can give you a designated dining or social space, a BBQ/ Pizza Oven area, a space for plants and flowers, or maybe even a hot tub. 

Create Multiple Levels

Build Around a Focal Point or Key Feature

Adding a large visual to create a focal point in your backyard can also help to make the remaining space seem bigger. This could be a water feature or an arrangement of plant pots, for example, immediately catching the attention of guests and giving the yard an anchor point. 

This can also be achieved with a unique seating area, as a corner bench can be a valuable space saver and an attractive, modern feature. Perhaps even a pergola or canopy to offer some shade in the summer months, fabricating a Meditteranean feel.  


Keep It Minimal

A sure-fire way to make an area feel small and confined is unnecessary clutter and a lack of floor space. Many people pack their backyards with ornaments, plants, additional seating, and gadgets which makes the area unwelcoming and claustrophobic. Therefore, we recommend a minimal design that uses clever techniques to fool the eye. 

Using a limited color palette can work wonders in terms of achieving a clean and minimal look, in addition to adopting simple, horizontal lines which can make the area feel more spacious and add depth. 


Use Lighting To Create Atmosphere

If you are looking to design a comfortable evening space to dine and welcome guests then the lighting can really make or break the environment. Subtle lighting can contribute to an ambient atmosphere, while still providing enough illumination for even the darkest winter evenings. 

As with all electrical installations, it is important to seek the help of an expert, so if you are based in and around Silicon Valley we highly recommend Sod Home Group for professional landscape lighting in San Jose.

Divide Your Yard Into Different Areas

You might think that splitting an already small space into even smaller areas is illogical, but designating areas for a specific use and employing clever design tricks can help make your backyard feel much bigger. 

One idea could be to section off an outdoor eating space, which acts as an extension to your kitchen or dining room, while the rest of your yard acts as a completely different area for gardening or lounging. Many Americans have also created their own cocktail bars and ‘pubs’ to become the envy of their neighborhood and provide the ultimate home hospitality experience. 

Another space might be dedicated for your pets and their recreation, with a dog jungle gym or portable outdoor cat enclosure. Just remember to set essential boundaries, like a fence, if your pet is not used to being outside.

Give Yourself Storage Options

Avoid the boring, old shed and add ingenious storage methods to your backyard to hide away gardening equipment and supplies without impacting on the available space. 

Installing custom seating that can double up as a storage container is a clever way of hiding clutter in a cost-effective way – A convenient way to store away cushions and blankets on rainy days.

Give Yourself Storage Options

Use Complimentary Colors

Opting to use very dark colors, such as Charcoal or a Master Blue can really deceive the eye and create additional depth. A simple lick of paint can be one of the best tools to make a small space feel bigger, so consider painting fences and seating in a dark color to make them appear more distant. 

Vertical Gardens

Add greenery without removing space by growing vines or espaliers on a wall that benefits from a lot of sun, or even by simply stacking plant pots in a clever, non-obtrusive way. Don’t deprive your yard of plants, just think outside of the box.

We hope the above ideas can help you create the perfect space and make the most of your backyard. For more tips check out the rest of our gardening section.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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