How To Make Your Own Bushcraft Axe

Learn how to make your own bushcraft axe. This is a great project for folks that are hands on and would also be a nice project to do with your kids so they can learn how to make a tool themselves. So many of the old ways are gone. A lot of tools can be made or be made new again.

How To Make Your Own Bushcraft Axe


Pretty much any tool that has a wood handle can be made like new by replacing the handle. A shovel or hammer, a rake and even an axe all can have a new handle put on them and as long as the tool part is good you have a very usable tool and it will cost much less to replace a handle than to replace a tool plus you have the added advantage of a vintage tool when quality was a matter of pride and things were made well and meant to last. Seems so much now days are made to be thrown out and replaced. I called a repair man to come look at my washer and he told me that with the price of the service call and labor I should probably just buy a new washer. While

I was sort of flabber gasted ( I mean really,  how does the man stay in business) I was also glad he was honest enough to tell me he would charge me the price of a new washer. It seems like I replace washing machines every three or four years. Wish I could just add a new handle to them. In this video Brave The Wilds shows us how to take a quality vintage axe head and add a new handle. He them shows how to treat the wood to get any color you want and ends up with a great new bushcraft axe that cost him less than 10 dollars since he found the vintage axe head super cheap.

You can watch the video and if you have a goo axe head that needs a new handle you can replace it and you will also see how replacing the wood handle on pretty much any tool is done. They all work just about the same. My husband works construction and he replaces the wood handle on his hammer at least twice a year because they always break after a while. Saves a lot of money over replacing the hammer. If you are not handy or don’t have an axe head but would like an axe like he talks about the Council axe is on sale.

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