GardeningHow To Make Your Own Premium Organic Potting Mix

How To Make Your Own Premium Organic Potting Mix

Have you ever bought potting mix and potted things with it only to watch everything die? Yes, me too. It is very aggravating when that happens because not only did you do all that work and spend all that money on the potting mix and the plants but, you really wanted that pot or basket of flowers. Otherwise you wouldn’t have done all that work and spent all that money and now you are back to square one and mad too. Well now you can avoid this scenario by making your own premium organic potting mix. Your homemade mx will have everything your plants need to grow and thrive.


This mix will provide, aeration,food,drainage, nutrient and water retention and beneficial microbes and thermal insulation all of which most potted plants will need. The Micro Gardener walks you through the steps to creating your own potting soil that plants will love and once you have your mix they show how to test it for ph and how to fix it if you need more or less acid or alkalinity for what you will be growing. This is a great way to ensure your potting mix is organic and that it contains everything needed to provide the ideal growing medium for your potted plants.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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