Primitive SkillsHow To Mark Directions On A Hiking Trail

How To Mark Directions On A Hiking Trail

Learning the skill of how to mark directions on a hiking trail is a good idea before heading out on a trek through the wilderness. Trail markings is the goal of communicating basic pieces of information: where a hiker is currently, which way he/she is going next, the starts of a trail, directions (turn right or left) and warnings.

As a general rule, trail markers should be placed around 200 to 300 yards apart depending on the difficulty of the trail.

To mark particular directions, use rocks to form the shape of an arrow, pointing in the intended direction, or form large sticks in a “V” shape, and then secure with rocks if possible.   The point of the “V” should face the direction of the trail.   Since animals scurry around on the ground, it’s easy for them to knock small pebbles and twigs around, ruining the trail marker.   Use large, heavy branches and big rocks, where available, or group small ones together tightly as quoted by essortment.

How To Mark Directions On A Hiking Trail

Always let someone know where you will be, for how long and take plenty of supplies to ensure you will be warm, well hydrated, safe and well fed.

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