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How To Never Forget Your Back Seat Baby

It seems like ever week or so we hear another tragic story in the news about a parent that forgot they had their child in the backseat and when they finally remembered it was to late to save the child. This is so incredibly sad and I know some folks automatically say how could any one ever forget that the had the child with them. Lets be honest, I seriously doubt there is a parent anywhere that hasn’t had a day when there was so much going on that they became absent minded trying to get it all done. I am not saying that all parents forget their  child is in the car but I think for the most part parents can understand how it could happen.

I never did leave one of my kids in the car but I can admit to letting the dog out into the backyard and then totally forgetting it was out there for a couple of hours. No tragic story but I felt super bad about it at the time. So I know we all have our moments. Double The Batch shares her tip for how to never forget that your child is in the back seat. She actually offers two tips and both are super simple and would work very well. So if you have small children that ride in the back seat check out these tips and maybe you can share them with others and if everyone shares, this one small post could help a lot of people to never leave a baby in a car.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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