Food Storage & SkillsHow To Pack Blessing Bag for Homeless People Project

How To Pack Blessing Bag for Homeless People Project

How To Pack Blessing Bag for Homeless People Project is a great way to share encouragement with struggling people in need.

A blessing bag sounds like something a priest would carry around to do his daily duties such as lead Mass and give blessings. Yet, that is actually not far from the actual contents of the bag.

How To Pack Blessing Bag for Homeless People Project

It is a bag that any person can have in hand to help homeless people that you find at an intersection begging for money. It includes things that person could need in such dire times that could last them a few days. That can replace or accompany a money donation as well.

Get a gallon-size Ziploc bag as it can carry many things at once and is strong enough to hold these things. For the cold, put in hand-warmers. Put in Band-Aids for any wounds, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, a washcloth, baby wipes, a bottle of water, and a bag of quarters to use to wash clothes at a Laundromat. Then, there are the toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo (or body wash), razor, deodorant, a comb, lip balm, and any female-based items.

Please do not forget bottled water and pet food kibble… so many homeless people have dogs and cats. Homeless people with pets are not allowed to take them into shelters or soup kitchens so they struggle even more.

New socks and new underwear can also be put in. Most importantly, we can stick food in the Ziploc. Granola and energy bars are fulfilling and it gives them calories. Raisins, peanuts, and trail mix, plus crackers are also small enough to stick in. Mints and any cocoa bags are also good to put in a disposable cup. All of this can be part of a massive community project to help those who are not as fortunate. Plus, it is fairly cheap to set up per person.

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Here is a printable checklist of items to add to your blessing bags:


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