CrochetHow To Piece Together A Dress From Doilies

How To Piece Together A Dress From Doilies

This outline of how to piece together a dress from dollies through crocheting over a cardboard dress form is a great refashioning clothing project. Dollies of many sizes, patterns and colors can be found for pennies on the dollar at yard sales, thrift stores and garage sales in almost any neighborhood.

Piece the dollies together and fill in the empty spaces with decorative crochet stitches with similar linen thread. You will have to wear a slip under this dress if you want to be modestly covered. This dress can also be used as a swimsuit cover up as well.


How To Make Cardboard Dress Pattern

Take a favorite dress from the closet, lay it down on top of a big piece of cardboard and trace an outline. Cut along the traced outline…. you have a cardboard pattern to piece your dollies together upon.

Do you have any hand made doilies hand down from generations of relatives that has sentimental value ?

Maybe you will want to incorporate them into a dress you can wear instead of leaving them in a box collecting year’s of dust.

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How To Piece Together A Dress From Dollies
How To Piece Together A Dress From Dollies


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