GardeningHow to Plant Lavender Hedge Gardening Project

How to Plant Lavender Hedge Gardening Project

How to plant lavender hedge gardening project that brings visual beauty to the homestead, ingredient for baking, natural remedies (headaches, burns, fading scars) and organic beauty skin products.

How to Plant Lavender Hedge Gardening Project

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Lavender has a distinct smell with a color to beautify any garden. It is also a working plant that can be used in cooking and creating various things. The bees love it and so will pollinate your vegetable garden when they come to the lavender.  The flower stands out in the garden and can make wonderful hedges, which breaks the wind flowing through. This can prevent soil drying out, wind eroding, and crops losing its stance in the stems. Hedges can also stop rain taking out the soil and eroding its level also.

For lavender growth, choose a type works with the settings climate. When choosing one that helps make a hedge, consider those that grow at from 3 to 4 feet. Here are three types of lavender to consider: lavender grows are easy to find and buy because it blossoms a lot for a hedge, hidcote giant is the length of a 4-footer with a very strong scent, and sweet lavender is the right flower for a hot climate that grows quite fast and great for cooking food. For folks that would like a shorter hedge you can plant lavender that will grow to around 30 to 36 inches. Like in the picture a mix of white and purple is very striking. You can buy purple lavender here  and white lavender here.    .

For planting, lavender needs plenty of sun and space between each plant should be at least one foot. Good thing is no fertilizing is needed. For the best lavender, make sure they are not based in the pots, but in the actual ground. Keep it all healthy and blooming while breaking the wind in the garden.

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