HomesteadingHow to Properly Build a Campfire Safely

How to Properly Build a Campfire Safely

This great tutorial of how to properly build a fire safely from the great Smoky The Bear.

How to Properly Build a Campfire Safely

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Forest fires are a serious concern in the wilderness and can cause millions in damage and lost lives. That being said, fires are also the best way to heat and protect yourself in the wild. No camping site is complete without a fire and there are steps you can follow that will ensure safety and enjoy your fire with compliance to forest ranger or campsite regulations.

To begin with, you’re going to want to clear the entire area that the fire will be housed in. There are space limits – 10 feet or more – to prevent sparks from igniting nearby brush. You need to set a fire pit in the center of the cleared area. This allows for the fire to be somewhat contained, again, preventing any accidental ignition of brush and avoiding anyone knocking out a burning log.

The fire pit itself should be lined with stones and extinguishing material should be laid out nearby. These include shovel and pails of water.

After your site is cleared and a pit prepared, begin collecting brush. You’ll need to layer three types of wood: kindling, tinder and fuel logs. Pile the tinder in the center and then layer in tinder in shapes that help increase heat times or are best laid for cooking. These include Tepee, Lean-to, Log cabin and Cross shapes.

After lighting, add tinder then fuel logs in order so that you can maintain the fire’s heat and consistency. A clearly diagrammed campfire safety manual has all you need to know. Read on for explicit steps to building, maintaining then extinguishing your campfire.

Click here to read about how to properly build a fire safely from the great Smoky The Bear:

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