Raising LivestockHow To Raise A Homesteading Mouse Chasing Barn Cat

How To Raise A Homesteading Mouse Chasing Barn Cat

These suggestions of how to raise a homesteading mouse chasing barn cat will help them to become quicker, stronger  and gain great satisfaction from killing mice.

How To Raise A Homesteading Mouse Chasing Barn Cat
How To Raise A Homesteading Mouse Chasing Barn Cat

Sleeping all day in the warm sun and prowling through homestead structures all night long into the wee hours of the morning searching for mice, is their job ! Yes, barn cats are mice hit men, their job is to kill mice to control their population. Mouse infestation is a serious issue on a homestead as it can destroy food sources for humans and animals as well as spreading disease.

There is one saying that some dumb butt said long ago surrounding the amount of upkeep needed for a barn cat that is absolutely UNTRUE: “If you do not feed your barn cats, they will be better hunters”.   The truth is, if you do not feed your barn cat – you will be starving them because they can not catch and kill enough living food to ensure that they can survive.  A barn cat in a weakened state will have an immune system that can not fight off diseases and become sick.
Feed and vaccinate your barn cats, please !

You will also need to spay and/or neuter barn cats or their population can also get out of control as well.    Left to their own devices, a female cat will have two litters of kittens per year. The average litter is four kittens.   Everything on the homestead needs balance.

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