Wild Food ForagingWild Food Foraging for Ramps Spring Onions Wild Leeks

Wild Food Foraging for Ramps Spring Onions Wild Leeks

Wild food foraging for ramps, spring onions, wild leeks are actually one in the same plant just by many different names. Did you know that there is a HUGE amount of different plants you can eat and taste great that people bypass every day without recognizing they are wasting food ?

Yes, let’s fight world hunger by eating more local food ( Edible Wild Plants) that you can pick for FREE ! Investing in the knowledge of how to harvest safely is a skill that has to be expanded by taking classes, reading books, joining plant identification groups and joining in on wild food foraging hikes.

Wild Food Foraging for Ramps Spring Onions Wild Leeks

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  • Names: Ramps, Spring Onion, Wood Leek, Wild Leek, Ramson (although the true Ramson is another, very closely related European/Asian species, Allium ursinum)

  • Scientific Name: Allium tricoccum

  • Family: Amarylidaceae, Subfamily Allioideae / Alliaceae (The Amaryllis and Onion Family)

All parts of Ramps are edible including the underground bulbs, the long thin leaves, the blossoms and the bulblets on top. The bulblets are small cloves the plant sets where it blossoms.

Depending on where you live, you can find ramps any time of the year. Ramps in spring, onions through the summer, bulbs in fall.

Ramps like to grow in a environment of rich soil and sun but can grow in poor soil with adequate water. Leeks like rich leaf losing woodlands and can grow in dappled shade. Locally all of the wild onions that have been found grow in damp places or places where run off gathers before seeping in.

You can prepare and use them in cooking like any other onion. The entire plant is edible raw or cooked, in salads, chopped and sprinkled as a seasoning, baked, ingredient in a soup base, pickled in a mason jar (yummy).

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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