CraftsHow To Re Purpose a Eye Glass Case into Travel Sewing Kit

How To Re Purpose a Eye Glass Case into Travel Sewing Kit

This step by step tutorial of how to re purpose a eye glass case into a travel sewing kit is a creatively frugal as well as useful.

Most people have seen them around, glasses cases, but they’re definitely not the most useful thing to carry around, as you kind of need to wear glasses to see. A sewing kit, however, would be handy to have because needles loose in your bag is not something you want to happen. It’s a great gift for someone who loves to sew, or just something to keep all your sewing supplies organized. This tutorial won’t include any real measurements, as glasses cases come in different sizes, so it depends on the case you have.

To make this handy kit, you’ll need:

1. Eyeglass case

2. A fabric of your choice to line the outside and inside of the case

3. Mod Podge (or any art glue, it just works best)

4. Fabric glue

5. Sponge Brush

6. Ribbon to hide the hinge (opt)

To start off, you’ll need to cut the fabric for the inside and the outside of the case. For the outer fabric, Make sure you have enough to cover the outside and some extra to tuck in the case. It’s helpful to use a small dish or something round to trace the curve and cut corners. Also, fold the fabric horizontally and cut into the middle about an inch or so from both sides for around the hinges. After your fabric is cut, you’ll use the brush to spread the mod podge onto the case evenly, and then carefully place the fabric onto the case. Go from the middle out to avoid bubbles, but make sure you get the edges correct. Attach the inner fabric the same way. You can also put little ribbons to hide mistakes while still keeping it cute or classy, like around the hinges.

Now, to make a small pincushion. Just measure the inside of the case, and decide how big you want it to be, adding an inch or so to the measurement for stuffing and sewing. Make sure the cushion will fit in the case. Sew and stuff your pincushion, adding any extra elements you want, and glue it on one end inside the case.

And there you go! A sewing kit, with space for thread, scissors, needles, anything you need for a quick, on-the-go fix.

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How To Re Purpose a Eye Glass Case to Travel Sewing Kit
How To Re Purpose a Eye Glass Case to Travel Sewing Kit

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How To Re Purpose a Eye Glass Case to Travel Sewing Kit

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