CraftsHow To Rebuild A Vintage Coleman Lantern

How To Rebuild A Vintage Coleman Lantern

       If you have some vintage Coleman lanterns around that you would like to rebuild and be able to use them again here are instructions to rebuild single and double mantle lanterns and also there are instructions to rebuild Coleman single and two and three burner stoves.  Old Town Coleman has instructions to rebuild all of the old Coleman Classics that a lot of folks have sitting in the attic or garage and this could really save some money because the old propane and kerosene lanterns are not cheap.

        Coleman now makes a lot of lanterns that use batteries and bulbs. I really love the old vintage with the mantle in them. Being able to rebuild them will be very nice because I see them very cheap at garage sales all the time.  I never wanted to buy them because I didn’t know if they worked and was afraid I would end up having to throw them out if they didn’t. Now I can go ahead and buy them and if they don’t work I can just rebuild them.

How To Rebuild A Vintage Coleman Lantern

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Coleman Standard Tie Mantles Pack of 2 – 4 pack mantles (Total 8 mantles)

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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