Emergency PreparednessHow to Recognize Radiation Sickness in the Body

How to Recognize Radiation Sickness in the Body

How to recognize radiation sickness in the body after exposure can be relatively mild and temporary to severe and fatal, so it’s essential that you be able to recognize the symptoms in yourself or others and flee the affected area immediately.

How to Recognize Radiation Sickness in the Body

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In the event of a nuclear attack, reactor meltdown, or a number of other situations in which large amounts of radiation are released, radiation sickness can occur in anyone within the affected zone. The sickness is result of radiation damaging the body at a cellular level, and should be treated as soon as possible.

The symptoms are:

• nausea
• vomiting
• diarrhea
• headache
• fever
• weakness
• disorientation, fatigue, or dizziness
• hair loss
• bloody stool or vomit

You can judge the severity of your sickness by how soon after exposure they show up. If you see symptoms within 10 minutes, the case is severe. In milder cases symptoms will not become present for several hours. All forms of radiation exposure can cause serious long-term effects, so even if you feel like you’ll be all right, you must seek medical attention.

It’s also vital that you can identify the source or cause of radiation, so you can leave the area. If there’s no obvious source (no apparent explosions, for instance), but people are developing the symptoms, contact an emergency service at once and make a report.

During the Chernobyl disaster, members of the public were not immediately informed of the danger, and therefore were exposed to high levels of radioactivity for days before being evacuated. Know where the nuclear power plants are in your area, and if radiation sickness occurs in you or your family, put as much distance between yourself and the plant as possible.

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