CleanersHow to Remove Salt Stains from Leather Boots

How to Remove Salt Stains from Leather Boots

This quick tutorial of how to remove salt stains from leather boots can be so helpful in winter upkeep and maintenance of our favorite footwear. Through the mud, snow, rainfall and the salt put upon the roads to melt ice – all weather elements that cause stains on leather boots. Once you have found that perfect pair of leather boots and you have broken them in properly… you will do anything to keep them in tip top shape.

You probably paid a handsome price for these leather boots. You will want it to keep their appearance in the best condition long as possible.

How to Remove Salt Stains from Leather Boots

The hardest part of owning leather boots, shoes, purses, is the cleaning and conditioning of it so that it will last for a handful or more years.

So, what are your options in keeping your leather in great condition? Well, there are several options that you can purchase within a store, but those options can be be a little spendy or even hard to find.
When this is not an option, one might consider cleaning and conditioning their leather products with some ingredients and materials one can find within one’s home.

From cleaning to stain removers, there are plenty of options you can find probably under your kitchen sink or even in your linen closet to help keep your leather looking just as great it did before leaving the store.

As you read the information below on how to keep your leather looking wonderful with some homemade cleaners, stain removers, and conditioners, you will probably find that vinegar plays a big role in all three to keep your leather looking shiny and new. Cleaning cloths, moisturizing soaps, some homemade pastes, and other options are available and easy to make for your leather products.

Why spend tons of money on those store bought options when you have a treasure trove of homemade products within your home already?

For general cleaning purpose, use a mixture of ⅛ cup vinegar and ½ cup olive oil. Store it in a bottle and shake well before use.

Road salts are very common on shoes. For removal of these salts, try a solution of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar.

For conditioning, prepare a mixture of one part white vinegar with two parts of either linseed or mink oil. Apply using a chamois cloth, in round strokes. Use another dry chamois cloth to buff the area after 10-15 minutes.
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