How To Remove The Bitter Taste In Cucumbers

How To Remove The Bitter Taste In Cucumbers

How to remove the bitter taste from cucumbers can be done in a simple manner. Despite being healthy snack, cucumbers are often known to have a bitter taste.

How To Remove The Bitter Taste In Cucumbers

Even after making a careful selection from the farmer’s market, you can still end up with that bitter taste in your mouth.

Apart from removing the dark green skin from the cucumbers which is a great way of losing essential nutrients there is another super easy way of getting rid of the bitterness in cucumbers.

To do so, follow the steps below:

– Wash your cucumbers thoroughly

– Locate both ends of the stem and blossom and cut out a small piece (about half an inch) off.

– Take one piece and place it back to its place and start rubbing the flat ends together

– You will soon notice the release of a white foamy substance

– Continue, don’t stop until the production and release of fresh foam has stopped.

– The same process should be repeated on the opposite end, after which you wash it off.

– Your cucumber is ready to eat

While some think that this process of rubbing two ends of a cucumber together is simply an old folk tale that is unrelated to science, others think it to be an effective means of drawing out the bitter substance – cucurbitacins from the cucumber.

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