RecipesHow to Roll Fresh Spring Rolls

How to Roll Fresh Spring Rolls

This step by step tutorial of how to roll fresh spring rolls teaches the fabulous technique of folding and tucking a rice paper around delicious fresh vegetables. When making your own spring rolls, you may have found that the actual rolling takes a certain skill as you use some of the most delicate materials to make the rolls. Rice paper is so thin and easy to mangle that many of us may find the task somewhat overwhelming.

How to Roll Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe

Spring rolls are some of the tastiest treats you can ever find and make on your own. However, fear not, because there is now the best tutorial available to help you master the rolling of spring rolls. In fact, you will find this tutorial so easy to follow that you won’t ever remember a time that you haven’t been able to roll your own spring rolls like a professional.

So, what is the secret?

Well, it lies in the proper softening of the rice paper to make the rolling easier to handle without crumbling of the paper. Another secret is having all of your ingredients you want to put into your yummy spring rolls at hand before you dip the rice paper in water. You do not want to scrounging for your ingredients as your paper becomes too soggy or has a chance to dry out.

With this tutorial, you will find that the tips and pictures shown will provide you with a great step-by-step look into the world and craft of rolling your own spring rolls. You just will not be able to resist trying it out for yourself and having your own spring rolls on hand once you have mastered the technique shown below.

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