GardeningHow To Root Garden Tomato Plants

How To Root Garden Tomato Plants

This tutorial of how to root garden tomato plants will not only save you money but a lot of time so you can get a larger harvest sooner.

How To Root Garden Tomato Plants

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This information is useful for homesteaders who are small to medium scale gardeners. No doubt, what you are about to read will change the way you plant your tomatoes forever. It will reduce the time required to grow tomatoes.

Have you ever heard that if you have a tomato plant growing already, you can create new plants from it within just a week? This is several times faster than having to plant it as a new seed.

The only thing you need is a lot of water and the tomato plant. You don’t need any supply or any sophisticated equipment. The trick is to figure out the side shoots on the big tomato plant. The second step is to carefully cut off the shoots and place them in a jar filled with water.

You can now place the jar in a warm place. Within one week, the new roots will start coming out. These roots will also be ready for transplanting into a pot or into your garden. There is a little precautionary measure involved. You need to give the plants a lot of water within the first few days and you also need to shield it from sunlight.

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Melissa Francis
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