Raising LivestockHow to Save a Chicken when Flystrike Maggots Attack

How to Save a Chicken when Flystrike Maggots Attack

These steps of how to save a chicken when flystrike maggots attack can literally be the difference of life and death for your sick chicken. What happens is one or more flies lay eggs in the feces that may have not been cleaned away from the chicken’s anus. This results in an infestation of maggots that can get inside the chicken causing a serious infection.
How to Save a Chicken when Flystrike Maggots Attack

While it may seem like it is relatively easy to raise chickens and for the most part it is, there is something that you need to worry about. It is a condition called Flystrike and it is potentially deadly to all chickens.

A parasitic infestation in the body of a chicken by fly larvae (maggots) that grow inside the host while feeding on its tissue. Although flies are most commonly attracted to open wounds and urine- or feces-soaked feathers, some species (including the most common myiatic flies, the botfly, blowfly and screwfly) can create an infestation even on unbroken skin and have been known to use moist soil and non-myiatic flies (such as the common housefly) as vector agents for their parasitic larvae.

This article is actually a real life story from a woman who had one of her chickens nearly killed twice by a very serious Flystrike infestation. She wrote this article in hopes to help other chicken farmers to realize how dangerous and potentially deadly the condition can be to all chickens. She does include several tips on how to successfully treat chickens that have be hit by this terrible condition.

● All of the information contained is extremely valuable to all those who raise chickens

● It contains a detailed explanation of what exactly Flystrike is and why it is potentially so deadly to chickens

● It also contains several tips that are highly recommended by vets and other experts on the treatment of animals

Tips for homesteaders to fight against Flystrike:

Keeping the fly population down in your chicken coop is a must.

Keep your chickens overall health at the highest level possible.

Try to keep your chickens vents (butts) clean and dry. Yes, it is important.

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