Juicing & SmoothiesHow to Save Money on Juicing

How to Save Money on Juicing

Here are some great tips on How to Save Money on Juicing while getting all the wonderful health benefits. Juicing helps the body get all the nutrition, minerals and vitamins it needs in a form that allows for faster absorption.  Buying fresh fruits and vegetables can sometimes seem a little bit more expensive but honestly it is worth every penny.

One of the best ways to save money when juicing or making smoothies is buy 20 dollars worth of fruit and vegetables and spend an hour cleaning, chopping and dividing into single serving ziplock bags.  Use when needed so there is no waste.

  • Growing your own garden is a wonderful way to get fresh ripe fruits and vegetables. It also allows you to do succession planting so you get a new ripe batch every week or two.

  • Asking neighbors if you can “GLEAN” their unpicked fruit trees … you will truly be surprised at how willing many people want someone to use the fruit if they can not.

  • Stock up during sales

  • Dehydrate kale and other leafy green when you find them on sale to make your own Kale Powder.

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How to Save Money on Juicing
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Many people have responded about the natural benefits of fruits and vegetables to detoxify the body and re-balance pH levels. Your body is healthiest in an alkaline state allowing the body to produce tons of healthy cells.  One common nutrient is chlorophyll from the green pigments of vegetables and fruits. This nutrient is rich in oxygen that results to alkalinity of one’s body.

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