Emergency PreparednessHow To Search For A Person You Are Meant To Rescue

How To Search For A Person You Are Meant To Rescue

Nice article on how to search for a person you are meant to rescue. In this article a military survival expert will tell us how to be better at searching for someone and how to be better at being lost and expecting to be rescued. I love the way he writes because he makes me laugh at the common sense he seems to think we need to be reminded to use.

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 This article seems more to try to help the lost person realize that in order to be found he or she will need to do a little more than build a vacation hut and then enjoy the local fishing while waiting for a search and rescue team to hopefully stumble across them. Yeah that is pretty much what he is saying and it cracked me up.   He offers tips and advice on what the lost person should do to help rescuers find them and what sorts of gear they might be sure to take if they will be going out into some area where they run the risk of getting lost.

I know I see in the news fairly often that someone has gone hiking or  camping and now their family is worried because they were due back and haven’t returned. So many time the story doesn’t end well so maybe with this advice from Survivor Chap any of you all they may be headed out one day will be a little better prepared to be found if you get lost in many different scenarios.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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